Use Wholesale Nursery Products To Create Landscape Displays

Nurseries sell a wide range of wholesale products that will allow you to affordably modify your landscape each season. Learn about some of the products that are offered. Then, decide what types of displays you would like to add to your land.

Agricultural Products

Agricultural nursery products are ones that have been carefully grown from seed. Agricultural plant growers ensure that seeds are planted in nutrient-dense soil. They use an irrigation schedule to guarantee that plants are supported throughout their growth cycle.

Once young plants are hardy enough to be transported, a grower will ship the products to a third-party seller (a nursery). Agricultural products include flowering and non-flowering annuals, perennials, vines, trees, and shrubs. 


Review the product lineup that a nursery sells. This will help you select some species that will grow well on your land. Consider the amount of pruning, mulching, or fertilizing that you will need to perform.

If you don't want to take on a lot of care processes after you transplant wholesale products, prepare a list of low-maintenance plants that will beautify your property. Low-maintenance plants are ones that do not require a lot of water or special soil conditions. They are ones that are relatively easy to care for throughout each season that they are on display.


Check out the pricing criteria that a wholesaler has outlined. You may be able to purchase a pack of a particular plant species for a discounted price. If you compare the cost of one wholesale plant against the cost of a similar retail plant, you can calculate how much you will save by purchasing plants from a wholesaler.

Discounts may be offered on products that don't sell during the peak of a season. Don't disregard plants that are marked down. The discounted plants may make attractive additions to your property.

Support Materials

Wholesale products can be used to create raised flower beds, vegetable gardens, decorative borders, and more. Consider the types of support materials you will need to create each display. Wooden or plastic planters, fertilizers, lighting, mulch, and garden tools can be used to complete some of the landscaping projects that you have in mind.

Contact a local nursery owner to browse nursery wholesale products. Then, inquire about all of the plants and materials that you need. If you place your order a few weeks before you plan on upgrading your landscape, the wholesaler will have enough time to order all of the plants and support materials that you need.