Buying the Right Tractor for Your Homestead

Homesteading or buying land and starting a small farm on is becoming more popular, but if you are going to have more than a couple of acres of land, you may need a tractor or other equipment. Small tractors that offer the versatility you need are available via agricultural equipment dealerships, and the dealer can help you select the attachments for it as well. 1. Tractor Size Most tractors are rated by the horsepower they produce, and you might be surprised that you can do a lot with relatively low horsepower tractors.

Things You Should Know About Communicating With A Timber Supplier

If you're thinking of using cedar timber for all of your new home's needs, there is something you should know from the beginning. You should find a timber supplier with experience in this field who knows that the grain of the wood is important. Cedar lumber is known for its vertical grain cedar, which means growth rings in the cedar wood are parallel with each other. Growth Rings Of Vertical Grain