Useful Actions For Homeowners Using Fertilizer On Their Lawn For The First Time

One of the best ways you can keep a lawn thriving over the months is by using fertilizer. It helps supply nutrients to promote growth and overall health. If you're using fertilizer on your lawn for the first time, take these actions. 

Test Your Soil

The part underneath the lawn is the soil and it's something you'll need to test prior to ever choosing a fertilizer product. Then you can find out more about the health of the soil and any nutrients it may currently be lacking.

You can use these results to refine your fertilizer search. You just need to use an accurate testing kit and then make sense of the data once it becomes available. If you have any questions about soil testing, there are a ton of landscaping resources you can take advantage of. 

Water Lawn Thoroughly Before Administering Fertilizer 

You may spend a lot of time finding the perfect fertilizer to put on your lawn, and you don't want anything getting in the way of optimal application results. That's possible if you just water your lawn prior to applying fertilizer. 

What this does is help the fertilizer break down better to where nutrients apply to more areas. A couple of days out, use a garden hose or sprinkler system to give the lawn a good wet-down. Then you'll be ready for the application phase and subsequently get more out of your fertilizer.

Use a Quality Spreader

The best way to distribute fertilizer across your lawn in an effective and quick manner is to use a spreader. It's a pretty simple tool to use, but you just need to make sure you use a high-quality one from the beginning. Find a spreader that has a large bin for fertilizer and has off-road tires that give you extra mobility.

Then you just need to make sure the spreader mechanism remains consistent and even based on the setting you put it on. You might want to review spreaders in person to get a better idea of their designs and capabilities in regard to applying fertilizer on a lawn. 

A great way to keep a lawn healthy and looking green is to fertilize it at certain intervals. You can have success with this if you focus on using the right tools, understanding your soil's makeup, and continuing to monitor the results you're able to achieve. Then you'll dial in fertilize application for lawn care.