Livestock Scales? How Installing This Type of Cattle Equipment Can Benefit Your Farm

As the cost of feed, fertilizer, and farmland continues to rise, cattle farmers must look for ways to attain more profit from their livestock operation. While purchasing additional animals to increase production may sound logical, doing so can be difficult to do without also making a significant investment in additional land and infrastructure.  

Farmers who cannot easily expand the size of their operation should instead look for ways to increase their profit margin on each animal they sell so that their operation's net profits can scale upward. Some ways in which this can be done include making changes to feeding regimens, improving overall herd health, and targeting more productive genetics. When cattle producers take measures like these to increase their net profits they should also consider the installation of livestock scales to help them track the results of their efforts. 

Tracking Heifer Weights

Recent research suggests that heifers are mature enough to be bred when they reach 51-58 percent of their expected adult weight. While an experienced herdsman may be able to provide an educated estimate of animal weight through observation, having an option to weigh the animal can provide a more reliable source of data. By installing livestock scales, breeding heifers can be easily weighed on a regular basis so that farmers are able to maximize the productivity of each heifer over their lifetime. 

Checking Calf Growth

Culling is an important part of improving herd genetics so that net profits for the entire herd can be maximized. Weighing calves on a regular basis from birth through weaning can help farmers better determine the rate at which each calf is growing and more easily spot any that seem to be lagging behind.  Since milk quality and quantity are important for maximizing calf growth, monitoring calf weight can help producers more easily tell which cows in their breeding herd may need to be culled and replaced. 

Optimizing Sales 

Having livestock scales readily available on your farm can also help farmers make more profitable decisions about when to sell their butcher calves. Since cattle market activity is tracked by the price per pound and subject to daily changes, farmers can use weight data to help them optimize selling decisions. 

Cattle farmers who would like to learn more about installing livestock scales for their operation should take time to discuss their farming goals with a reputable agricultural equipment and supply dealer who specializes in livestock scales. Contact a company like Ackermans Online for more information.