A Dewatering Screw Press Can Be Used For More Than Just Sludge

A dewatering screw press is most commonly associated with waste management, as it's a device that uses the gravitational pull and pressure to extract all water from solid waste. But in the agricultural or food-related industries, a dewatering screw press can be used for a wide variety of different purposes. Here's why your farm, food operation, or other agricultural-related business might want to stock up on this particular type of equipment by contacting a local dewater screw press wholesaler today.

Remove Water From Leftover Food When Processing Feed for Animals or Livestock

Does your agricultural business use leftover slop to create new animal feed for your livestock? If you want the feed to become completely solid before it is served, you will need to remove any excess water. A dewatering screw press will make sure that the animal feed you provide your livestock is as solid as possible, extracting all water during the process.

Remove Excess or All Water From Food Ingredients or Agricultural Materials During the Farming or Production Process

Do you farm something that you then immediately use as an ingredient or agriculture material elsewhere on your farm? In some situations, you may want to remove any excess water from the material or ingredient before it is inserted into the next phase of your food production or agricultural process. A screw press that dewaters these materials or ingredients will get the job done faster than simply trying to get the sun to dry the ingredient or material out. It will also ensure that every last speck of water is truly removed in order to ensure you are working with 100 percent solid materials or ingredients.

Remove Alcohol From Food or Agricultural Materials During the Farming or Production Process

Water is not the only liquid that can be removed by using a screw press. Some foods have a small amount of alcohol inside of them that occurs naturally. Removing this alcohol will ensure the final product tastes or works the way that you want it to. A screw press could also be used to make sure that your product is devoid of any other liquid chemicals it may have come into contact with during the production process.

A dewatering screw press can be used to remove water and many other types of liquids from various materials or food that you produce or manufacture within your farm or agricultural operation. Contact a local wholesaler or vendor of dewatering devices today for more information.

For more information, contact a dewater screw press wholesaler today.