A Few Tips For Buying A New Commercial Lawn Mower

If you mow yards for a living, then you need equipment you can depend on. A mower you use every day has to be durable and convenient to operate. Commercial lawn mowers can be expensive, but you want the best quality you can afford in the equipment you buy. Here are some tips for buying a new commercial mower.

Select The Right Size

There are things to consider when choosing the size of a new riding mower. The larger the mower, the quicker you get the job done. However, a large mower might be perfect for commercial jobs, but a big riding mower could be too large for small residential yards. A large mower might tear up the landscaping or be difficult to maneuver through gates and around plants.

Think about the types of clients you have and how you expect your business to grow when choosing a new riding mower so you have good speed while providing the best results for your clients. Also, don't forget about the size of your trailer. You don't want a mower that's so large you can't transport it easily.

Make It Easy To Get Service

There are a few major brands of commercial lawn mowers to choose from, and it's good to buy a brand or choose a dealer that's convenient to you in case you ever need to have your mower repaired quickly. You might service your own mower, but the warranty might require professional maintenance, too, and it's convenient if you can take your mower to a shop that's nearby to have work done.

Consider A Riding And Push Mower

You'll probably need at least one riding and one push mower. If you have employees, you may want even more mowers, and then you might want a variety of models and styles so you always have the perfect mower for commercial or residential customers.

A push mower is handy for tiny yards so you don't have to bother with unloading large equipment. However, zero-turn mowers can often be used in small yards too, and a riding mower that is easy to use in a small yard would be nice to have so you don't get worn out by pushing a mower all day.

Choose A Power Source

Gasoline-powered riding and push mowers have the most power, and they're best for commercial use. You can buy electrically corded and battery-powered mowers, but they aren't practical for daily use multiple times a day.

You should also consider other equipment you might need such as a weed trimmer and edger. These can be gas-powered, too, but if you choose battery power, buy products from the same manufacturer that use the same size batteries so you can switch batteries as needed for the most convenience.

Check out a local agricultural equipment shop to learn more about commercial lawn mowers.