Question To Ask Before Buying A Tractor For Your Hobby Farm

You have made an investment in your small hobby farm and now you need one piece of equipment to help you perform many different processes—a tractor. Tractors come in a range of sizes and models from different manufacturers, and all of them can have their own benefits. To help you pick out the one that you will end up being most satisfied with, it is best if you have decided on a few of the necessities you want. Here is a look at some of the questions you should know the answers to before you start shopping for a tractor for your hobby farm. 

Do you prefer a gasoline or diesel-powered engine?

Pretty much every tractor you find is going to have either a gas or diesel-powered engine, and both fuel types have their perks and pitfalls. For example, gasoline is typically a little cheaper per gallon than diesel fuel, but diesel engines also tend to be more efficient for large-horsepower motors. Therefore, diesel can be the more efficient fuel source that costs less in the long run if you have a tractor with a larger engine. Before you start shopping for a tractor, make sure you consider which type of fuel is most accessible in your area and how well it would work out for your farming needs. 

Do you need a standard or live PTO?

The power takeoff (PTO) is the operational unit at the back end of a tractor that allows you to connect certain attachments. For example, you would connect a mowing machine to the PTO unit. You will find two different types of PTO—standard or live. The standard PTO is actually powered by the engine of the tractor, but the live PTO is like a separate operational component that operates all by itself, even if the tractor is not in motion. In order for the standard PTO to operate, the tractor must be in motion, which can pose challenges with some types of attachments. 

What type of lifting system would you rather have?

Pretty much all tractors have a lift, whether it is in the front for scoop attachments or in the rear for lifting machinery off of the ground during transit. Some tractors have the basic, mechanical lift, but there are a lot of newer models that have lift functions that operate via a hydraulic pump. The hydraulic pump is more efficient and capable of lifting heavy loads, but the hydraulic lift can also mean the tractor is more expensive over all. 

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