Making The Most Of A Cedar Lumber Accent Wall

Accent walls can be a perfect way to break up a room and give it some visual interest. If you are considering an accent wall in your home and want something more splashy than paint, you may want to consider installing cedar instead. Prized for its rich red color, durability, and sweet scent, cedar can be a popular and tasteful addition to any home. As you plan your cedar accent wall, follow these four steps to ensure your home renovation turns out exactly as you imagine it. 

Choosing Cedar for Your Accent Wall

Cedar wood has long been prized in architecture for its beauty, warmth, and water-resistance. The wood's strength is reinforced over many decades of growth. While this can lead to sturdy planks and beams, it also makes cedar one of the more expensive lumbers. Rather than spending your entire budget on cedar flooring or furniture, an accent wall can achieve the same effect for less up-front. 

Placing Your Cedar Accent Wall

Once you have decided to use cedar planks for an accent wall, you will need to find the perfect location for it. Depending on the layout of your home, you may prefer to make the wall the focal point of the room. In other cases, keeping it tucked back as a more understated accent is preferable. Make sure the wall has the structural support needed to hold heavy wood in place before moving forward with your plans. 

Sourcing Your Materials

The next step is to find the wood you will use and a contractor to install the wall. There are many different types of cedar planks and slats available to suit your tastes. You may choose to recycle old cedar fencing for a rough and rustic look. In other cases, you may prefer sleek cedar slats that interlock in vibrant bands. Shorter planks with different stains can be combined to form a brick-like facade. Even cedar shingles can make for an attractive wall when paired with simple, elegant furniture. 

Decorating to Highlight Your Accent Wall

Cedar walls tend to dominate a room and are usually combined with light decor. White curtains, bedspreads, and furniture can prevent an accent wall from overwhelming its surroundings. Play off the natural appeal of cedar wood with live plants and country pottery. By using cedar in moderation, you can enjoy its best attributes and still have a budget left over to renovate the rest of your house. Talk to a cedar lumber supplier in your area to begin making plans for your home. 

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